St Maarten Tourism Growth Outpacing other Caribbean Destinations


Travel Daily News reports that St. Maarten tourism growth is outpacing other Caribbean destinations, due to an innovative marketing approach via social media, thus winning Gold and Platinum Adrian and Magellan Awards.

While other Caribbean and global destination marketers struggle to maintain arrival numbers, St Maarten’s innovative tourism marketing approach has generated a 7% increase over the same period last year, nearly double the global growth rate of 4% according to the World Tourism Organization.

St Maarten’s tourism marketing team and its US-based marketing agency, Tambourine, have deployed a targeted digital campaign to identify and engage prospective visitors during their online vacation planning process. The integrated search, social media and advertising campaign has driven a record number of visitors to St Maarten’s website.

As a result, St Maarten and Tambourine recently received Gold and Platinum Adrian and Magellan Awards, the largest and most prestigious travel marketing competitions, representing this year’s top marketing campaigns from across the global hospitality industry. “The internet has radically changed how consumers now research, plan and book Caribbean vacations,” said Rafael Cardozo, managing partner of Tambourine. “Unlike other destinations, St Maarten has evolved; implementing website and digital marketing programs that identify and captivate potential visitors.”

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