Call for Submissions: FNCL Essay Prize on Cinema of Latin America and the Caribbean 2012


The New Latin American Film Foundation [La Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (FNCL)], with the collaboration of the National Center for Autonomous Cinematography of Venezuela [Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía de Venezuela (CNAC)] announce the Award for Essay on Cinema of Latin America and the Caribbean, with the purpose of encouraging the study, cultural diffusion and production of essays on cinema and audiovisual production in Central America and the Caribbean. The deadline for this contest is January 31, 2013. The winning essay will be chosen by an international jury and will be announced as part of the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias, to be held from February 21 to 27, 2013.

Participants may include essayists, historians, and scholars of any country, provided the subject matter is appropriate to the theme of the film and audiovisual production of Central America and the Caribbean. Another theme also considered valid for this contest is work on the activity of minority groups in Latin American culture.

Submission Guidelines:
The essay will address, in a free and creative form, any aspect of the values ​​bequeathed by Central American and Caribbean cinema. Essayists may use any method necessary in the development of the work, provided that they comply with the aforementioned thematic limitation. Minimum length is 150 pages (double-spaced in Arial 12 font). Papers must be unpublished and presented for the contest in Spanish.
Each entry must be accompanied by:
a) A photocopy of the registration of intellectual property law of the author’s country of origin or residence.
b) Author’s letter accepting the publication of the essay in case of obtaining the prize, giving the organizers publishing rights for one year.

Submissions must include three hard copies of the essay—the original and two copies—and one copy in digital format (in Word or another commonly used medium). The submissions should be sent to the headquarters of the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema (see below). Essay must be accompanied by a page, enclosed in a separate envelope, noting the title and author’s pseudonym; in another envelope labeled with the pseudonym should include related data: the title, the author’s name, and Curriculum Vitae. The organizers are not responsible for returning of the essays.

La Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano [Foundation of New Latin American Cinema] is a nonprofit private cultural institution. It was created with the purpose of contributing to the development and integration of Latin American cinema, achieving a broader common audiovisual universe, and aiding the recovery and strengthening Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity. Founded by the Committee on Latin American Filmmakers (C-CAL) on December 4, 1985, it is composed of filmmakers from eighteen countries and is chaired by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano
Quinta Santa Bárbara, Calle 31 y 212,
Rpto. La Coronela, La Lisa. La Habana, Cuba  Zip Code: 11500

Phone numbers: 537 2718976, 537 2718141, 537 271 7379; Fax: 537 273 6364


For more information, you may visit

For original call for submissions (in Spanish), see

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