Barbancourt Rum is 150 Years Old!


Recently wine connoisseurs met at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Pétion-ville to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Haiti’s world famous Barbancourt rum. As Dumas Maçon writes, “exquisite and penetrating aromas delighted the guests” as a bottle of Barbancourt Cuvée 150 Ans (limited edition, of course) was unveiled by President Michel Martelly.

Maçon reminds us that Barbancourt has gathered countless international awards, saying that this rum, a local product, has a rich history. It was developed by Dupré Barbancourt, a native of Charente, France, in 1862, using the method of double distillation usually applied to grand cognacs, thus creating a unique rum with an incomparable character. Today, this rum is among the best. “However,” says Thierry Gardère, “it is mainly by its quality and taste that Barbancourt rum has conquered its public. With its refined texture, this rum has the much desired depth and range that attract fans worldwide.”

For full article (with a detailed history of Barbancourt Rum), see

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