Martinique Bans Lobster Fishing Due to Contamination

Langouste-11899-e6764Laurent Prevost, Prefect of the Martinique Region, presented a new law amending the practice of lobster fishing in some areas of Martinique due to contamination by chlordecone once again (this had previously happened in 2009).

This new order follows recent studies commissioned by the government and conducted by IFREMER [l’Institut Français de recherche pour l’Exploitation en Mer] the French Research Institute for Sea Utilization, in collaboration with local fishermen, which revealed contamination in the case of the spiny lobster and the Brazilian lobster. The banned zone goes from Pointe Caracoli to Trinité and Pointe Cerisier au François along the eastern coast of Martinique.

For original articles (in French), see and

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