Ebony G. Patterson is Awarded Jamaica’s Bronze Musgrave Medal


Ebony G. Patterson was awarded the Institute of Jamaica’s Bronze Musgrave medal in 2012 for merit in the field of Art and, has been honored with a small tribute exhibition in the 2012 National Biennial.

Description: Ebony G. Patterson is one of the most compelling emerging talents in Jamaican art. After graduating from the Edna Manley College in 2004, she obtained her Masters in Fine Arts at the Washington University in St. Louis in 2006.

A regular exhibitor a the National Gallery since 2006, she had her greatest impact to date in the Young Talent V exhibition, with photographically derived, embellished tapestries and the decorated body of a car mounted on a plinth as a “sculpture.” Hers is a uniquely Caribbean aesthetic that melds elements of “high” and “low” art and draws from carnival costuming, Haitian sequined flags, and above all the “bling” of Jamaican Dancehall fashion. Always concerned with issues of gender, sexuality and the body, Patterson’s current work explores changing notions of masculinity in Jamaican society.

Since the major Caribbean survey Infinite Island in 2007 at the Brooklyn Museum, Patterson has been invited to a host of international exhibitions featuring Caribbean art. Currently her Untitled Species I, a portrait of a young black man with a bleached stark-white face, is proving to be a much referenced work in Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at Studio Museum in Harlem.

For more information, see http://nationalgalleryofjamaica.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/national-biennial-2012-musgrave-tributes-ebony-g-patterson-bronze-2012/

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