Cuba Recalls 138 Years of the First Official Baseball Game


The sports authorities in the western Cuban province of Matanzas will commemorate the 138th anniversary of the first official baseball game on the archipelago, with a program that includes a scientific event on the game, Radio Cadena Agramonte reports.

According to the agenda released today the opening of the meeting will be on Wednesday at Palmar de Junco Stadium in this city, 100 kilometers east of Havana.

Theoretical debates among researchers and historians, book presentations, panels and a meeting with executives of tourism and tour operators will take place in that opening day.

The next day when will be recall the game and there will be a match within the 52 National Series, between Mayabeque and Matanzas, tied with two other baseball teams on top of the competition.

The first official baseball game in Cuba was held at Palmar de Junco on December 27, 1874 . The game would become Cuba’s passion.  The selections Habana Baseball Club and the hosts were privileged to participate in that historic event, which ended in favor of the visitors 51-9, according to the reviews of the time.

Currently there lies the provincial academy of baseball, while the major Baseball events in Matanzas take place at Victoria de Giron Stadium, which opened on February 26, 1977.

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