Miss Curaçao Makes “Cultural” Impression during the Miss Universe National Costume Show


Earlier this month, Monifa Jansen made waves representing Curaçao during the Miss Universe National Costume Show. She was one of the candidates to draw the most attention among the 89 competitors, with her costume inspired by the flag of Curaçao, an Eagle and Carnival season, which starts officially during the first weekend of January and lasts until Shrove Tuesday. Here are some details on why her costume was so important:

Multiculturalism: The island’s community consists of people originating from more than 50 countries who, as one large colorful family, unite to celebrate life in the most innovative ways. Monifa, as every “Yu di Kòrsou” (‘Child of Curaçao’), as Curaçaoans call themselves, was born and raised on the island and has lived Carnival in all its expressive forms.

The Eagle: The colorful bold ‘bald eagle’ symbolizes the evolution the new country is going through. Just as the eagle changes its feathers as it matures, Curaçao is also going through changes to confront new challenges it is facing as an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom. As strong, decisive and dominant as an eagle, the country goes about its everyday business, not limiting itself for its size.

The Colors: The colors of this special eagle reflect the country’s national flag; the blue symbolizing the clear waters which surround the island and the year-round clear blue sky. The golden yellow symbolizes the tropical sun, and the white color, the salty foam left on the shores as the Caribbean Sea caresses the white sandy beaches.

Carnival Parades: The costume was inspired by the Carnival parades where more than one hundred groups, starting with primary school children parades, followed the Friday evening hereafter by the secondary schools parades, to finally reach the climax of the season during the Main Parade on Sunday and the Farewell Parade on Shrove Tuesday evening.

Monifa Joanne-Marie Jansen (born February 11, 1993, in Willemstad, Curaçao) is a model. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu, and she understands French and Portuguese.  An avid sports practitioner, she earned the title of “Best Sportswoman of the Dutch Caribbean” for three consecutive years and has a total of 300 medals and 45 trophies.

For full article, see http://news.caribseek.com/index.php/caribbean-islands-news/curacao-news/item/32795-miss-universe-curacao-with-impressive-presentation-during-national-costume-show-in-las-vegas#.UNDwDmsqm1U.twitter

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