34th Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana


The 34th edition of the New Latin American Cinema Festival is in progress in Havana, Cuba. The festival began on December 4 and will continue through Friday, December 14. [See previous post Havana Film Festival to Honor Masters of World Cinema.] The event was inaugurated with a concert by the well-known Cuban group Los Van Van and Argentine rock singer Fito Páez.

The event—featuring many lectures with prominent filmmakers, workshops, musical concerts, exhibitions, and book presentations, of pop singers—brings 560 movies from 46 countries, including a strong representation from Latin America and the Caribbean. The event this year also presents a retrospective of Puerto Rican film.

In her Huffington Post blog, Yoani Sánchez wrote, “A true delight for our senses, the Festival includes a visit to the country of actors and directors from all latitudes, thematic film showings, and even concerts. From Fito Paez’s massively-attended presentation, through the American actress Annette Bening, to the filmmaker Eliseo Subiela.”

For detailed information, see http://www.granma.cu/ingles/culture-i/29nov-festival.html

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