New Book: Xavier Valcárcel’s “Restos de lumbre y despedida”


The launch of Xavier Valcárcel’s poetry collection Restos de lumbre y despedida [Remains of Light and Farewell] will take place on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 7:00pm, in Room BN 228 at Sacred Heart University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Poet Guillermo Rebollo Gil will be in charge of the book presentation. The book is already available at Libreria Mágica, Librería La Tertulia in Río Piedras and Old San Juan, and Ac Books.

Description (by Félix Jiménez): There are no gestures in the poetry of Xavier Valcárcel—there are traces, uncontrollable strokes that arouse and whisper, which stretch out on the skin like draughts that collide, like the pulse of moving hands. Valcárcel subjects the reader’s body to a break of resistance, a performance, which later is recalled as a rhythm that wakes us up. In the construction of these poems there are zones of pleasure that flow, intense and committed. The skin insists. Touch exhales. And there, in the mindful hands of the poet, the reader remains (and wants to remain) imprisoned.

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