MTV to Debut Docu-Series on Washington Heights


MTV reports that their latest docu-series, “Washington Heights,” will follow the lives of nine friends residing in the Dominican-dominated neighborhood in New York City. The show, which includes 11 hour-long episodes, is scheduled to debut on January 9, 2013, at 10:00PM EST.

Description: “’Washington Heights’ is an honest, intimate and entertaining look inside the lives, spirit and hustle of a unique group of individuals as they strive to pursue their passions,” said Chris Linn, executive vice president of MTV’s programming and head of production, in a statement. “The show celebrates their friendship, neighborhood pride and mutual support as they make their mark—even when the challenges are great. We are optimistic that the stories of this incredibly appealing cast will connect with our audience in a deep and meaningful way.”

While most of the residents are seemingly pursuing careers in fashion and music, others will also attempt to juggle family and budding romances. JP, nicknamed “Audubon” after the Washington Heights avenue, is being described as an “undisputed peacekeeper, motivator and glue behind this tight-knit group of friends,” he also fears of giving up on his goal to become a hip-hop artist to help out at home. Jimmy, who dreams of becoming a baseball player, must learn how to deal with his chaotic life, involving a mother who “is MIA” and a father finishing up a seven-year stint in prison.

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3 thoughts on “MTV to Debut Docu-Series on Washington Heights

  1. What about making a documentary exposing the anti-DOMiNICAN FEELING among a lot of the business operating in the area and all over NYC discriminating against the Dominicans of all ages and denying them hard earned promotions because a large sector of the Dominicans speak Spanish as a first language and, in spite, of their efforts to learn and speak English and proving that they can function in that fashion even better for the profits and their advancement they still get discriminated by the powers that be?

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