Anguilla Delegation Visits Brighton with Focus on Sustainable Living


A Caribbean delegation from Anguilla visited the windswept Sussex coast to discuss green energy, also indicating that they would like to twin Anguilla with Brighton. The main purpose of the trip was to learn from Brighton, which is a leader in sustainability, and continue partnered efforts in “going green.”

Anguilla’s chief minister Hubert Hughes and members of his government were so impressed by Brighton and Hove during their visit on Friday, December 7, they now want to twin their island paradise with the city. He said: “We would like to have the fish and chips in Anguilla. The most we can offer the people of Brighton is a warm sandy beach in the sun.”

The delegation was given a tour of Brighton Pavilion and the i360 site as they learned about the city’s commitment to green tourism. [. . .] Mr Hughes said they were interested in green technology as the small island, covering only 91 sq km, enjoys plenty of sunshine and wind, which could be harnessed for power. Walcott Richardson, minister for the environment, joked the government would happily ship their sand to Sussex if it was not for the fact they are against sand mining as part of their commitment to a green agenda.

He added: “We wanted to learn from Brighton, which is a leader in going green. We want to learn from the best. Affordable energy is one of the biggest challenges in terms of cost. We want to see how we can incentivise industry to go green so it does it in a sustainable way.”

Councillor Geoffrey Bowden, chairman of the economic development and culture committee, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity and I am delighted that Brighton and Hove is being recognised as an international exemplar of sustainable living and tourism.”

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