Haiti: Festival de l’Amitié in Jacmel


Sponsored by the MWÈM Foundation and Fastforward (with support from ARCADES of the European Development Fund and the Swiss Confederation), the city of Jacmel is celebrating the last day of the first edition of the Festival de l’Amitié or Festival of Friendship. The festival was officially launched on December 5, 2012, in the gardens of the Hotel Florita in Jacmel, bringing visitors from far and wide, including Michaëlle Jean, UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti, and Luck Mervil, who were named honorary sponsors of the festival.

Activities—including music performances, contemporary art, dance, film, craft fairs—took place at the Hotel Florita, the French Alliance of Jacmel, Toussaint Louverture Place, Lycée Célie Lamour, and in the streets of the city. Performers included Emeline Michel, Renette Désir, Aton, Yannicke Étienne, Winnie Chafa-Govha, and Jowee Omicil, among many others.

Claudy Bélizaire (HaitiLibre) reports:

Several important personalities attended the ceremony, among others: the Mayor of Jacmel Hugues Paul and his deputies, Michelet Divers, Departmental Director of the culture of Southeast, Alain Pamphile, Representative of the Swiss Cooperation, the Canadian Ambassador accredited in Haiti, Paul Normandin and singer and broadcaster Luck Mervil. This cultural and artistic event, has started at the sound of drums, of youth trained by the foundation “MWÈM”, while hundreds of visitors, Haitian and foreign, admired the art galleries where artisans displayed their products.

Michaëlle Jean, UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti, and Luck Mervil have accepted to be the honorary sponsors of this Festival. Two personalities, carrying well the values, that wishes to convey the Festival of Friendship: support, dedication, listening, sharing, respect and sharing.

Following the disappearance of the very popular festivals “Festival Film Jakmèl” and “Festival Mizik Jakmèl” organized in the city of Jacmel, in previous years, Bayard Jean-Bernard, cultural mediator Jacmélien in collaboration with Tatiana Magloire and Laurence Magloire, decided to take the relay through this new annual festival, international and multidisciplinary, unprecedented in the country.

The Friendship Festival is an opportunity for artists coming all over Haiti and outside to showcase their talent, especially those of Switzerland, Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, the United States, Canada, France, and Martinique.

Photo above and more information from http://www.tamise.org/artistes/sara-renelik/photosvideos/sara-renelik-05/

For full article, see http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-7336-haiti-culture-first-edition-of-the-festival-of-friendship-in-jacmel.html

For the program of the Festival of Friendship (in PDF), see http://www.haitilibre.com/images/programme-festival-amitie.pdf

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