New Book: Marta Aponte Alsina’s “Sobre mi cadáver”

cadaverSobre mi cadáver [Over My Dead Body] is a new book by Marta Aponte Alsina, a short novel inspired by noir classics and the idea of mendacity in island mores and every-day life.

Description: With a wildly beating pulse, Marta Aponte Alsina offers us her unique tribute to the classics of suspense, both in literature and film, but centering on the “secret pathologies of a ‘good’ Puerto Rican family,” which reveals false pieces but hides real victims. This is a novel written in hypnotic prose, leaving the readers breathless.

Marta Aponte Alsina (Puerto Rico) is author of two collections of short stories—La casa de la loca y otros relatos (2001) and Fúgate (2005)—and six novels—Angélica furiosa (1994), El cuarto rey mago (1996), Vampiresas (2004), Sexto sueño (2007, National PEN Club Award for Novel), El fantasma de las cosas (2010) and the latest, Sobre mi cadáver (2012). She also writes for 80 Grados, Diálogo Digital, and Revista Cruce.

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