Barbados: Video on Caribbean Arts and Culture showcases Earthworks Pottery

pottery.1579-2277The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia Video on Caribbean Arts and Culture showcases Earthworks Pottery, a Caribbean Cultural Heritage and a popular attraction for Barbados holidays. The video shares insight on the age old tradition of art, design and molding ceramics from the earth.  Earthworks Pottery is located at 2 Edgehill Heights, Arthurs Seat in St. Thomas, Barbados.

Earthworks Pottery, which is a top tourist attraction for Barbados vacationers, shares its process and technique in this 4 minute video. The video covers molding, art, design, glazing and firing with state of the art processes and equipment. Ian R Clayton, who filmed the tour for RealHolidays TV says, “I learned a lot about pottery while filming the artisans at work in the modern art studio and production shop. It always puzzled me how molds into which you pour liquid clay, can actually turn out with a hollow center.”

Earthworks Pottery is considered one of the leading potteries in the Caribbean and is highly regarded internationally for its fine colour renditions and artwork. The colouring is a secret and it is not, as one might think, a result of what paint is used. The video explains that paint, clays, glaze and firing are all part of the process that governs the colour mix and the final ceramic finish—a process that has been perfected over numerous trials and blends of clays, paints and fire.

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