“Master Blaster” Viv Richards Advises the International Cricket Council

Caribbean legend Viv Richards has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to slash the number of Twenty20 internationals and bring proper balance between all formats of cricket.

Richards believes the proliferation of T20 events around the world is killing the game and wants a quick solution to the growing menace. “You can still have Twenty20 cricket, which can be a great asset in terms of what you miss with bums on seats as far as Test cricket is concerned,” the Daily Mirror quoted Richards, as saying. “I just want balance, and if you have balance you will have a much better ratio of individuals wanting to represent their countries,” he added.

Richards hit out at ICC despite the West Indies last month being crowned world T20 champions. (ANI)

For original article, see http://in.news.yahoo.com/master-blaster-richards-urges-icc-cut-down-number-051802489.html

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