New Documentary: Correa-Vigier and Oquendo-Villar’s “La aguja”

Last week, in San Juan Puerto Rico, the fourth edition of the International Film Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Festival [Festival Internacional de Cine Gay, Lésbico, Bisexual y Transgénero], better known as the Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival, premiered the documentary La aguja [The Needle], directed by Carmen Oquendo-Villar and Jose Correa-Vigier.

La aguja, a 40-minute production, tells the story of Quiñones, a gay man who, from an aesthetic clinic in his home in Puerto Rico, provides treatment and advice to his predominantly gay and transgender clients. His services go beyond the aesthetic; he also becomes a counselor and friend to his customers, who in turn constitute an extended family for the esthetician—a family that accepts him as he is, as opposed to his biological family. The film shows a man who hides behind a needle and his customers to fill the void created by the lack of acceptance and love of his family.

Oquendo, co-director of the film, stated that “The filming process of La aguja was a total immersion in this community. It is a great joy to share with the community after three hard years of editing work.”

La aguja was selected for DocNYC, a prestigious documentary festival in New York, thus becoming the first Puerto Rican documentary to take part in it.

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2 thoughts on “New Documentary: Correa-Vigier and Oquendo-Villar’s “La aguja”

  1. Amazing…. it covers every aspect of their reality.
    Bien logrado.
    I really loved it.
    Congratulations. Definitely 5 starts you must see it

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