T & T: “Just” The Two of Us: Holistic Schools Give Thanks & Celebrate!

Students from Holistic Primary School and Holistic Music School plan to raise the roof at the Little Carib Theatre, when they invoke the memory of its founder – dance legend Beryl McBurnie – to tell the history of Trinidad & Tobago, through music, dance and poetry. 

The schools will stage ‘T&T: “Just” The Two of Us”’ a theatrical celebration of Trinidad & Tobago’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, for general audiences, on 8th and 9th December, at the Little Carib Theatre in Woodbrook.

A truly collaborative effort, the production will feature the music of: André Tanker, Lutalo “Brother Resistance” Masimba, David Rudder, Denyse Plummer, Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung, Ella Andall, Kees Dieffenthaller, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Marjorie Padmore, Mervyn “The Mighty Sniper” Hodge, Mungal Patasar, Patrick Castagne, Ralph Mc Donald, Ras Shorty I, Ray Holman, Roland “Rembunction” Yearwood, Robert “Mighty Trini” Elias, Winston “Shadow” Bailey and others.  Arrangers include: Pelham Goddard, Everald “Redman” Watson, Jeremy Chatoor and Jesse Ryan.  Choreographer: Shari Rhyner.  Poet: Giselle Baptiste.

The production, which enables students to participate in and learn about Theatre Arts, will help bring the school curriculum alive in a practical and vivid way now that Dance, Drama, Music and the Visual Arts are included in the national Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA). It will be an excellent opportunity for students to experience the Visual and Performing Arts through an actual theatrical production.

In addition to celebrating Trinidad and Tobago’s jubilee year, Holistic is also celebrating the recent purchase of its home in Cascade.  “Together We Aspire Together We Achieve” aptly describes the teamwork that resulted in the final acquisition of the building after four and a half years of renting.  With media support from CCN TV6, Guardian, Express and Newsday, donations, loans, prayers from Holistic parents, family, friends and patrons, and “Herculean” assistance from UTT, Academy for Performing Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts students and faculty, Holistic obtained a mortgage from Republic Bank and no longer has to relocate.

In spite of the reprieve, the school now needs to raise funds for an urgent electrical upgrade.  With true team spirit, the students, parents and staff are utilising their skills and talents to produce T&T: “Just” the Two of Us.

According to Dr. Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet, Founder and Director of Holistic Schools: “Music and the creative arts are wonderful tools for moulding children into upstanding, proactive citizens who care about nationhood and nation building. This strategy is at the foundation of all that we do, not just at our schools, but through the music scholarships we provide to students from less privileged backgrounds in the surrounding community.”

Holistic is inviting everyone to support this work and the fundraising project, through the purchase of tickets to T&T: Just the Two of Us. Tickets are available from Holistic (621-0428/1659), Holistic parents and Little Carib Theatre box office during show week.   In keeping with holiday generosity, please consider purchasing tickets for underprivileged children.


Saturday, 8 December

2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, 9 December

5:00 p.m.

$100.00 General Audience

2 thoughts on “T & T: “Just” The Two of Us: Holistic Schools Give Thanks & Celebrate!

  1. Hello,

    This is Zahra Gordon from the T&T Guardian. Was this a press release or Repeating Islands original? Just asking because I’d like to send it to my editor as something we can possibly run in the paper, if it is a release of course.

    Thanks, Zahra

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