A Call for a Hemp Industry in St. Lucia

Chairman of the Cannabis movement Andre Decaires and Founder of the Industrial Hemp Initiative, Randall Bayne is lobbying support for research in industrial hemp production in St. Lucia. The team who wrote to Ministry of Health more than 10 years ago they received a favorable response from the then PS of Agriculture Jimmy Fletcher adding the Ministry of Health was not oppose to the industrial hemp initiative.

The project was however halted citing concerns about a backlash from the International community. The Cannabis movement believes the St.Lucia should follow suite and embrace the industrial hemp initiative, citing that medicinal use of cannabis is legal in Canada and the Czech Republic. Further, the States of Colorado and Washington have recently repealed their laws prohibiting the recreational use of cannabis.

Randall Bayne argues a number of beneficial products are derived from the hemp plant. He says St. Lucia stands to benefit tremendously through legalized hemp production. Assistant Chair of the Cannabis Movement, Dr. Gilberta Rose says there are many misconceptions about the plant. Many advocates for the legalization of cannabis believe it will eliminate the illegal trade and associated crime, yield a valuable tax source and reduce policing cost.

For original article, see http://www.whatsupcaribbean.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6314:a-call-for-the-establishment-of-a-qhempq-industry-in-stlucia&catid=40:news&Itemid=27

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