Fresku a Big Winner at the 2012 State Awards

Dutch-Curaçaoan rapper Fresku (or Michael Roy Reymound, his real name) has won the 2012 State Awards for Best Artist and Best Album (for Maskerade). [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for his translation from the Dutch.]

The State Award is an award for hiphop/urban music artists in the Netherlands, presented annually by State Magazine of the public radio network BNN. The 26-year-old rapper did not know what hit him when he was awarded two prizes. Fresku was handed his two State Awards by special guest, Jamaican reggae singer Shaggy. In a first reaction, Fresku – whose artist’s name means ‘fresh’(literally) or ‘impertinent, bold, forward’ (figuratively) in Papiamentu – said that he was so overwhelmed by the Awards that at first he did not even realize that it was Shaggy who handed them to him.

The artist added that making Maskerade cost him “blood, sweat and tears”: “I make autobiographical music and the album reveals a lot about me. That’s quite heavy. The whole album is a search for myself, for my identity. In the end, I conclude that I should always keep searching, because there are no definite answers.”

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Also see previous post (about the release of Fresku’s Maskerade) at

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