New in Paperback Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration: Narratives of Displacement

Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration: Narratives of Displacement is a collection of thirteen chapters that explores the literary tradition of Caribbean Latino literature written in the United States beginning with José Martí and concluding with 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Junot Díaz. The essays in this collection reveal the multiple ways that writers of this tradition use their unique positioning as both insiders and outsiders to critique U.S. hegemonic discourses while simultaneously interrogating national discourses in their home countries. The chapters consider the way that spatial migration in literature serves as a metaphor for gender, sexual, racial, identity, linguistic, and national migrations.”Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration: Narratives of Displacement is an impressive accomplishment. The essays explore key moments in the history of Caribbean Latino literature and bring expert critical attention to trends over the past 150 years. Latino, meaning of Spanish speaking heritage in Anglo-America, is a word that points to contrapuntal doubling from the richly informative Introduction by Vanessa Pérez Rosario and throughout the dozen excellent essays. The collection foregrounds the work of both established and younger scholars in the field, all of whom tackle a major author and deepen our appreciation through rich contextualization and fine readings. No other book I know on Latino literature is as timely, broad, and welcome.” – Doris Sommer, Ira Jewell Williams, Jr., Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and professor of African and African American Studies, Harvard University

“Pérez Rosario offers an extremely valuable collection of essays about the experience of migration in Hispanic Caribbean literature. Summing Up: Highly Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty.” – Choice 

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