Singer José Feliciano says he would like to perform in Cuba

Puerto Rican singer José Feliciano said he would like to perform for his fans in Cuba, where he has never appeared and was not allowed to sing by the Cuban government in the 1970s, EFE reports.

“It’s time that I go to that country to visit them and sing my songs for them,” Feliciano told reporters during the making of a music video in San Juan.

Feliciano said his song “Qué será?” was one of the pieces vetoed by the Cuban government and many of his fans went to jail or into exile for listening to his music.

“Many Cubans made sacrifices for me and went to jail because the police prohibited listening in their homes. I believe I owe a debt to these people and I should go,” said Feliciano, who is known for such songs as “Feliz Navidad” and “Por que te tengo que olvidar?”

Other artists, such as Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias and the late Cuban singer Celia Cruz, were also banned by the Cuban government, Feliciano said.

Cubans have sent e-mails asking for a performance on the island, Feliciano said.

The singer introduced reporters to Adiel Micheo Burgos, a blind Puerto Rican boy who is competing in the “Idol Kids” talent show.

Feliciano said that when he started to “become famous,” people described him as “the blind musician,” but he refused to be referred to like that and wanted to be known for his talent.

“If the boy does well, let him do well on the show,'” Feliciano said.

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