Casa de las Américas Features Leonardo Padura

The author of the 2009 El hombre que amaba los perros [The Man Who Loved Dogs], winner of the Prix Carbet, will be the featured guest at Casa de las Américas’ “Semana de Autor” on November 27-30, 2012. On this occasion, Padura’s new book will be launched—Un hombre en una isla: Crónicas, ensayos y obsesiones [A Man on an Island: Chronicles, Essays, and Obsessions]—a new collection of his work, forthcoming through the “Sed de belleza” publishing house (Santa Clara, Cuba).

Since 2000 Casa de las Américas has been hosting the conference, called Author Week, whose main purpose is the dissemination of the guest author’s work, while fostering dialogue between author and readers. Through the years, the guest writers have included Ricardo Piglia (Argentina), Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), Rubem Fonseca (Brazil), Diamela Eltit (Chile), Pedro Lemebel (Chile), Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua), Sergio Pitol (Mexico), William Ospina (Colombia), and Maryse Condé (Guadeloupe).

Apparently, this is the first time a Cuban writer is featured in this series. Although he is internationally recognized for his works of fiction—particularly for his detective novels—Padura is also the author of a remarkable corpus of journalistic and critical essays devoted to figures like Carpentier, Heredia, and El Inca Garcilaso.

At the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to hear Padura, as well as specialists from Cuba and abroad, speak about his work.

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