World Creole Music Festival 2012 Renders Tribute to Jeff Joseph

Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival 2012 (WCMF)—with its usual theme, “C’est mizik a nou” (it’s our music)—celebrates its 16th anniversary with a tribute to the late Jeff Jo. This year’s festival runs from October 26 to 28, 2012, at the Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau, Dominica. According to the festival website, this year’s lineup includes many top creole music performers, such as “the venerable First Lady of Creole Music” Ophelia, and “the princess of Dominican music” Michelle Henderson.

Description: The 2012 WCMF is appropriately dubbed: “Homage to Jeff Jo…Sweeter at 16!” The festival will pay homage to fallen cadence-lypso icon Jeff Jo, who until his untimely passing in November 2011, was a major promoter and supporter of the event. Jeff Jo, known for his indefatigable spirit and his charming personality, was one of creole music’s biggest stars, revered and loved in the far corners of the creole world and wherever his music was played. He led a group of young and dynamic musicians from the tiny fishing and farming community of St. Joseph on Dominica’s west coast in the late 1970s to super stardom in Guadeloupe, Martinique and France. Later, he produced music with some of the leading exponents of creole music, turning out hit after hit in a career that spanned well over three decades.

[. . .] During the 2012 WCMF, three Haitian bands will unleash their infectious compas music during the three nights of the festival. They include Kreyola, Disip Gazzman and T-Vice. An all-star cast of French Antillean musicians including legends of yesteryear will be performing there hits, including former collaborators with Jeff Jo. Dominican music will again be well-represented, led by Bouyon Giants, the creators WCK, and Triple Kay Global, along with kings of cadence, Chubby and the Midnight Groovers. The original members of the Gramacks International (Jeff Jo’s band) will make their debut entrance on the festival stage in what is expected to be a most touching and endearing performance. The Dominican connection is completed with the new bouyon sensation, Asa Banton, while a group of local rising stars will be given their chance to shine on the final evening of the festival. The lineup also includes Cornel Phillip (formerly of WCK fame) and his band, Fanatik, who will also be accompanying A-list stars from yesteryear. These stars include the man who gave bouyon music many of its hits, Dereck “Rah” Peters; Onyan of Burning Flames fame of Antigua; and Fredo of Seventeen Plus fame out of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The lineup is completed with the inclusion of two of reggae music’s biggest names: Damien “Junior Gong” Marley and Taurrus Riley of “She’s Royal” fame.

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