New Film: Charly Medina’s “Penumbras”

The feature film Penumbras (Shadows), the debuting work by director Charly Medina, opened on October 9, 2012, in Havana at the Cinematheque de Cuba theater, reported Prensa Latina (article accessed via Cubarte and Radio Reloj).

The film narrates the confluence of human drama, while including the elements of humor and sport (baseball) with “a marked dramaturgical intention.” The director said, “As its title promises, the film chronicles an argument with dismal shades, it’s a rough story.”

Cubarte reports that the film — based on the disturbing play “Penumbras en el noveno cuarto” (The Shadows of ‘94) by Cuban playwright Amado del Pino —offers a minimalist look at life in Cuban in the 1990s, starring actors Omar Franco (in the role of the same character he played in the theatrical version), Tomás Cao, Omar Ali, and Ysmercy Salomon.

For more information, see (summary in English) and (full article in Spanish)

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