Art Exhibition: The Chocolate Cortés Collection’s “CCC—Caribbeans”

Casa Cortés, a cultural center located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, presents “CCC: Caribbeans,” an exhibition that showcases works from the Chocolate Cortés Collection. The exhibition opened on October 9, 2012, and is presently on view. Located in 210 San Francisco Street in Old San Juan, Casa Cortés will also open a chocolate bar that will open in December on the first floor of the building.

“This exhibition represents the essence of what Casa Cortés is and will continue to be: a place conceived to discuss and to promote the arts from the Caribbean that contribute to the cultural strengthening of the region,” said Ignacio Cortés, art collector and President of Chocolate Cortés. The collection offers vast and diverse references on the fact that we are part of the Caribbean, as it also exposes a vibrant history that continues to unfold in the middle of our lives. It also represents a source of artistic effervescence—genuine and fabulous at once—that is essential to better understand ourselves and our neighbors.

The name CCC: Caribbeans refers to the Chocolate Cortes Collection. The works included in this exhibition curated by Isabel Robles, cover the period from 1940 to present time, and includes works by artists from Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad. The works are distributed across four central themes, undulations, reflections, resonances, and echoes.

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