Prince Harry’s Trip To Bahamas Makes Tatler’s Front Page

THE popular British magazine Tatler has chosen Prince Harry as the first man to headline its cover for almost 20 years – and selected an image from the prince’s March trip to the Bahamas as the main photo, reports.

According to, the November issue of the magazine will feature a photo of the prince in the Bahamas, under the headline “Dirty Harry”.

The report said: “The magazine has opted to go with a photo of the 28-year-old prince in full military attire taken during a March 2012 trip to the Bahamas. The cover photo has been adjusted to show off Prince Harry’s blue eyes. Tatler’s cover – which follows the leak of fully nude pictures of Harry by about two months – reads: ‘Prince Harry. The girls, the gangs, the gaffes.’ It’s accompanied by an article that delves into some of the scandals that have surrounded Prince Charles’ youngest son.

The report said Harry’s father Prince Charles was the last man to adorn the cover of Tatler in 1992.

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