Cuban Anti-Cancer Drug to be Sold in Jamaica

According to the Jamaica Observer Hungarian drug distribution company Medimpex has exclusive rights to import and sell Vidatox to retailers in Jamaica.

According to Cuban scientists, the benefits of the homeopathic drug Vidatox 30 CH has raised life expectancy and quality of life in a group of patients undergoing cancer therapy. Vidatox is already being used in Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America and it is expected to be available in Jamaican pharmacies before the end of October, according to a Medimpex official, reported the.

During the recent LABIOFAM International Congress in Havana, Cuba, Dr Eva Solomon, head of the Cancer Control Group, said the drug was administered to 845 people with advanced cancer in their breast, lungs, colons, prostate and cervix, with favourable results.

The drug is administered in five sublingual drops every 12 hours, and after six months 87 percent of patients improved their appetite and felt pain had decreased, so they stop taking morphine, said Solomon, who works as a researcher at the LABIOFAM Business Group, which develops the product obtained from the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion. It also reduces swelling and improves overall mental and emotional conditions of patients and families, Solomon stressed.

Medimpex’s signed a contract with Cuban company Labiofam last month and Managing Director Laszlo Bakon has said the first shipment is on its way to Jamaica. “We see a huge potential for the drug in Jamaica, because cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Jamaica and other countries of the world. The demand is definitely there. We have held meetings with oncologists in Jamaica and the feedback from them and the rest of the market is good. It is a unique cancer treatment,” Bakon said in the Jamaica Observer.

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