Liborio Noval, Fidel Castro’s photographer, dies at 78

Prominent Cuban photographer Liborio Noval, one of the greatest graphic chroniclers of the Cuban Revolution and people, passed away on Saturday in Havana at the age of 78.

Noval was known internationally for his pictures of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, taken at home and during numerous trips abroad.

His photographs appear in several posters, stamps and books, including “A pesar de…” (on Vietnam) and “Snapshots”. The latter, published in 1999, includes half a decade of images of Fidel Castro.

Noval accompanied former President Fidel Castro during his tours in Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Malaysia and Libya, in addition to his being a war correspondent in the conflicts in Vietnam and Nicaragua.

According to the Prensa Latina news agency, his photographs earned him more than 30 awards in national competitions and three international prizes. The compendium “A Hundred Images of the Cuban Revolution” includes five of his pieces.

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