Film Director seeks his Path of Light

Director Faisal Lutchmedial will be coming to the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival to present his short film “Mr. Crab”, and to find support for his new feature film project “Path of Light”.

The new project is about an Indo-Trinidadian man who returns to India to seek out his roots but his life is turned upside down when his ex shows up looking to finalize their divorce. The film takes place in T&T and India, and follows the couple’s journey together as they map out a lost past, and find themselves unexpectedly rekindling their romance.
Lutchmedial explains, “I’m really interested in telling stories about immigrants, colonialism, and migration. My family is from South Asia, the Caribbean, and Canada. With each step, something is gained, and something is lost. It’s important that we talk about how that shapes our culture, so I hoping to find support in Trinidad for that kind of work.”
There is already strong interest in “Path of Light”, with over 5000 likes on the film’s Facebook page. So far the production team has been posting interesting images and videos from India and the West Indies, but the plan is to fill the site with behind the scenes photos and mini-docs. There will also be space to promote sponsors, and communicate directly with fans.
“Mr. Crab”, Lutchmedial’s short film playing at the TTFF, is also a film about immigrants and family. Film critic John Threlfall (CVV Magazine) said of the film, “Buoyed by its brevity, in just eight minutes Mr. Crab explores the complex relationship between a 10-year-old and his father, where fear and hero worship realistically interweave with vivid moments of childish (and child-like) imagination as the boy tries to translate his father’s tales of growing up in Trinidad & Tobago with his own decidedly urban surroundings.”
“Mr. Crab” still has three public screenings at TTFF, Sat 29 Sept, 3 pm, MovieTowne Tobago, and then Sun 30 Sept, 11 am & 6pm MovieTowne POS, with a Q&A with the director.
Go to Path of Light’s Facebook page:
Lutchmedial will be arriving in Trinidad on the 27th of September and staying for the duration of the festival. For interview requests, please email, or call 514-963-0325.
For more information on the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival visit:

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