Sandra Ottey Speaks about “Runaway Comeback” and “Jamerican Connection”

Sandra Ottey talks with Carib News about her recent publication, Runaway Comeback [see previous post New Book: Sandra Ottey’s “Runaway Comeback”]. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

[. . .] Novelist, Sandra Ottey has created such a character in her first book, Jamerican Connection – Rose Thorn. In her sequel, Runaway Comeback, this character returns to continue the second part of her journey of overcoming tragedy and starting anew. [. . .] In her first book, Jamerican Connection, Ms. Ottey created Rose Thorn to help tell a story that addresses how several people ‘sweep spousal abuse under the rug.’ [. . .] In this story, Rose is working her way back on a track towards a college degree. At this time she “endures blatant infidelity, emotional and physical spousal abuse and more.” Eventually though, this seemingly tragic hero perseveres and learns to fight her way to the freedom she needs. In turn, she improves both her own life and that of her daughter’s.

[. . .] At the end of Jamerican Connection, Rose receives everything she has worked hard for and is living her life. In Runaway Comeback, Rose comes to understand “that in order to move forward, she must take a step backward and go back to that place where trouble had first come and uprooted her.”

[. . .] A story of love through the eyes of a woman who has a newfound inner strength is what attracted readers to Ms. Ottey’s books. The author claims, “Women have told me that they can totally relate to the storyline, and that they are completely engrossed into the story because they feel as if they are actually in the scenes themselves. They feel their five senses are completely engaged.”

Aside from exciting readers with sizzling plot development and a courageous main character, writing fiction has also helped Ms. Ottey find her own voice and writing style. In addition, Ms. Ottey wrote these two novels as “inspiration to high school dropouts to pick themselves up and still go on to achieve whatever goals and aspiration they had initially set for themselves.” Ms. Ottey adds: “If this story helps at least one high school dropout, or even a college dropout, overcome life’s various unpredictable hurdles in order to pursue his or her educational goals, then writing the story was well worth it. That would be very rewarding for me.”

At the moment, Ms. Ottey is promoting Runaway Comeback and working on her third novel. The author is also working on a screenplay for both Jamerican Connection and Runaway Comeback.

[Autographed copies of Runaway Comeback can be purchased at]

For full article, see

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