Post Colonial Jamaican stamps uncovered

Post Colonial, an exhibition celebrating the philatelic history of Jamaica, returns this year showcasing 50 stamps as chosen by independent creative director Jon Daniel and stamp dealer Stanley Gibbons, as Tom Banks reports for Design Week.

Daniel, who has curated the exhibition, first teamed up with Stanley Gibbons last year and this weekend presents a new range comprised form his own collection and the Stanley Gibbons archive.

This year the exhibition marks Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence from Great Britain. It has been hosted in association with JA 50, a cultural and visual arts brand co-founded by Daniel.

A selection of 50 stamps will be laid out in the shape of Jamaica, accompanied by four smaller panels displaying stamps chosen for their ‘historical importance, colourful history, subject matter, special features and aesthetic qualities,’ according to Daniel.

Meanwhile artist Peter Mason, who specialises in making works composed of stamps, has created a piece in the form of Jamaican pop icon Grace Jones.

Daniel says the exhibition has ‘strong design principles at its heart’ and will ‘push the boundaries of philately beyond its traditional audiences.’

Post Colonial will take place from 1-31 October at Stanley Gibbons’ flagship store located on 339, Strand, London.

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