Cuban Documentaries Compete in Biarritz Festival

Three Cuban documentaries are competing today for the prize in that category at the Biarritz Latin American Film Festival, which enters its second day, Prensa Latina reports.

The film “Al sur el mar”, by filmmaker Ariagna Fajardo, will be screened at the Municipal Casino Amphitheater. Fajardo is a member of the Television Serrana group, founded in 1993, to reflect identity, values, and culture of the residents of the Cuban highest mountain range.

The 23-minute film tells the story of a peasant family in the south eastern province of Granma.

Another documentary in competition is “Uno al otro”, by Milena Almira, also known for her award-winning short film “El grito”. She works in this movie as a director, sound engineer, scriptwriter, and art director

The film deals with the story of a young Cuban couple, whose relationship deepens despite what others may mean an obstacle, the deafness of one of them.

“Estonia”, the graduation thesis of Brazilian Lucas Bonolo at the International School of Film and Television, and co-produced by the Cuban Camelia Farfan, is the third Cuban documentary in contest in this festival.

The event will run until September 30, when the winning films in the different categories will be.

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