Art/Filmic Expression Exhibition: New Media 2012

ARC Magazine and the trinidad+tobago film festival presents New Media 2012, an overview of experimental video and film works. New Media 2012 is showcasing the works of 49 artists in a collection of 58 experimental pieces, exposing a wide range of scenarios and interrogations that are linked by the universal language of filmic expression. New Media 2012 is on view at Medulla Art Gallery from September 22–29 in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, with satellite screenings and partnerships in association with the Postgraduate Programme in Cultural Studies at UWI, St Augustine and PUMA, Films4Peace.

Description: New Media signifies the way technology is influencing and challenging our modes of representation, and has developed in parallel with advancements in technology and its relation to cultural production. New Media’s assembled collection challenges how artists are reconsidering evolving art traditions and their proliferation.

The use of varied themes show the evolution of these artists’ articulate sensibilities and apply not only to personal experiences and subjectivities, but also operate outside of stereotypical narratives and tropes of representations. The artists rely heavily on the examination of the political, social and gendered concerns of their contemporary moment becoming makers and markers of cultural engagement. The pieces presented range from the humorous, reflexive and contemplative to quizzical while remaining close to an aesthetic engagement with the medium itself.

New Media 2012 will feature the work of the following acclaimed international and regional emerging artists: Abigail Hadeed, Alberta Whittle, Andy Robert, AS Majerus, Christian Bertin, Eduardo Nunes, Felipe Guerrero, Holly Parotti, James Cooper, Janelle Griffith, Janet Cook Rutnik, Karen McLean, Karine Taïlamé, Lawrence Graham-Brown, Manuel Mathieu, Marlon James, Miatta Kawinzi, Michelle Isava, Natalie Wei, Nayda Collazo-Lorrens, Nile Saulter, O’Neil Lawrence, Olivia McGilchrist, Patricia Kaersenhout, Petri Saarikko, Rodell Warner, Ryan Oduber, Sasha Huber, Sonja Dumas, Sophie Meyer, Steve Hernandez, Versia Harris, Viviana Peretti, and Willy Rollé.

Films4Peace artists include: Janet Bigs, Ergin Cavusoglu, Gregory Crewdson and Constanza Theodolo-Braschi, Yang Fudong, Isaac Julien, Peterson Kamwathi, Nandipha Mntambo, Michael Nyman, Levi van Veluw,  Hank Willis Thomas, and Terrance Nance.

Preview the catalogue here:

For more information, see and

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