Trinidad and Tobago’s Justice Minister “Fired Kamla Style”

Trinidad and Tobago’s justice minister, Herbert Volney (originally from Montserrat), was recently fired for deceiving the cabinet over a controversial law that would allow corruption charges to be dropped against more than a dozen people. In a televised national address on Thursday night, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said Volney had deceived the government by assuring the cabinet that the proclamation of the new law had been approved by the country’s chief justice and the director of public prosecutions (DPP).

Among those who could benefit are businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, who are wanted in the United States on corruption charges related to the construction of a billion dollar international airport in Trinidad. In 2005, a grand jury in Florida returned an indictment against Galbaransingh and Ferguson, as well as six Americans on charges of corruption involving construction of the airport terminal. Persad-Bissessar told the nation that she had advised acting President Timothy Hamel-Smith to immediately revoke Volney’s appointment as Justice Minister.

After Volney was fired for the Section 34 fiasco, a few Trinidadians drew inspiration from “Gangnam Style,” a catchy 2012 pop single by South Korean rapper PSY, to create humorous photos and even a YouTube video called “Fired Kamla Style.” The video, “which features humorous scenes and odd dancing, has been viewed more than 220 million times on YouTube. In the original video, PSY sings ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’” (oppa meaning ‘big brother’).

As Julian Neaves reports, “One photo appearing on Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger has ‘Oppa Section 34’ and ‘Aunty Kamla Style’ with the Prime Minister’s face superimposed over a man standing over another man with the face of Volney lying on the floor of an elevator. In another satirical photo called ‘Oppa Kamla Style,’ Persad-Bissessar’s face is superimposed over PSY and wearing a blue jacket, white shirt and black bow tie, and there is a large explosion in the background. The phrase ‘T-Boss’ is written around the photo. [. . .]. And to show that Trinidadians have a lot of time on their hands an approximately two-minute song was posted on set to the beat of, of course, ‘Gangnam Style.'”

Some of the “Fired Kamla Style” lyrics say: “Two weeks now, you sit down deh and you quiet; people make noise; they even started a riot; you say nothing wrong with the AG and Volney; now you throw him out and like we eh stupidy.”

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