Dominica: Government to enforce anti-gay education

The Dominican minister of education is sending a committee into the small Caribbean island’s schools to instruct teachers on how to “better manage” homosexuality and “anti-social behavior,” as Daniela Costa reports in this article for Canada’s

“We must save the young people of Dominica,” says Petter Saint-Jean, education minister.
Saint-Jean says that to tackle these large-scale “problems,” a committee of three or four individuals is needed. “I have instructed that additional people be brought in so that we have a team that can really go out there and face that problem head on.”

The Dominican government announced plans several months ago to create a task force that would crack down on homosexuality and “other deviant behaviour” in the country’s schools.

The government also asked that the task force investigate and identify “the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality” amongst the student population.

Following the results of the investigation, released Sept 14, Saint-Jean claims that the issues of “deviance, misbehaviour and homosexuality” are “bigger than previously thought” and require extra measures.  

This is all part of the government of Dominica’s “Child Friendly Schools Programme.”

Homosexuality is illegal in Dominica. The country still enforces the British colonial anti-sodomy law, which makes sodomy punishable by 10 years of imprisonment and psychiatric treatment.

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2 thoughts on “Dominica: Government to enforce anti-gay education

  1. Dominica’s attempt to teach against homosexuality is misguided. Children become aware of their sexual orientation as early as the age of five, and certainly by the age of thirteen most children have an idea about their attractions.

    Teaching heterosexual children about the evils of homosexuality accomplishes very little, but teaching homosexual children about it leaves them feeling more vulnerable. What are they supposed to do? Ask the teacher to help them overcome it? All major mental health groups agree even therapy will not change sexual orientation.

    Instead it will reinforce bullying, and the typical target will not be gay.

    This is something that should be taught in a church where it is referenced as a sin by someone who considers themselves expert on sin.

    The same is true for the buggery law in Dominica and elsewhere in the region. It does nothing to stop homosexuality, but it has the unintended consequence of spreading Aids when people become more secretive and unwilling to get tested.

    Again, let God judge sin not the teachers or the police.

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