Hilary Beckles:‘An Education Revolution For The Caribbean’

A public talk by Sir Hilary Beckles, renowned historian and Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of Cave Hill Campus (Barbados) of the University of the West Indies will be held on Monday September 24th, 2012 at the Bermuda College at 7pm in the Lecture Theatre – G301, North Hall Building

Members of the public are invited to hear Sir Hilary Beckles speak on “An Education Revolution for the Caribbean.” He is visiting the Island in his capacity as Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal to meet with the Minister of Education, the President of Bermuda College and will be visiting the CedarBridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute to create further links and understanding between the Cave Hill Campus and Bermuda. This is after Bermuda became an Associate Contributing Member of UWI which allows up to 5 scholarships to be awarded to Bermudian students each year.

Professor Sir Hilary He is a member of the International Task Force for the UNESCO Slave Route Project and is principal consultant for resource material in the schools programme. He is also Consultant for the UNESCO Cities for Peace Global Programme, and an advisor to the UN World Culture Report.

Sir Hilary has received numerous awards including an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Glasgow in recognition of his major contribution to academic research into the transatlantic slave trade and plantation slavery.

He has lectured extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas and has published more than ten academic books including Liberties Lost: The Native Caribbean and Slave Societies, ( 2004); Centering Woman: Gender Discourses in Caribbean Slave Society (1999); White Servitude and Black Slavery in Barbados 1627-1715 (1990); The History of Barbados (1990); Natural Rebels: A History of Enslaved Black Women in the Caribbean (1989); The Development of West Indies Cricket: Volume One, The Age of Nationalism; and Volume Two, The Age of Globalisation, (1999); A Nation Imagined: The First West Indies Test Team: The 1928 Tour (2003).

Sir Hilary is a keen cricketer and researcher of cricket history and culture; and the founder and Director of the CLR James Centre for Cricket Research at Cave Hill Campus.

For the original report go to http://bernews.com/2012/09/an-education-revolution-for-the-caribbean/

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