Cuba’s contribution to Angola’s liberation highlighted

The “great contribution” made by the people of Cuba to the liberation of Angola and defence of its territory integrity was highlighted Thursday in Luanda, by politician Jorge Dombolo.

Jorge Dombolo, who is at the head of an Angolan delegation to  the fourth African meeting of solidarity with Cuba, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, added that “the moment being experience in this country (Angola) is the result of this cooperation.

Jorge Inocêncio Dombolo was on the occasion attending a ceremony of departure of the Angolan delegation organised by the Embassy of Cuba in Luanda.

He said on the occasion that the participation of angola in the fourth african meeting of solidarity with Cuba from September 21-23 “reaffirms once more the speech of the Angolan authorities since the moment the Angolan people started its relationship with this Caribbean country.”

The politician reaffirmed Angols’s support for the campaign being undertaken by the Cuban authorities against the economic embargo the Caribbean country has been under for more than three decades and the release of the five Cuban citizens in the United States for the last 14 years.

“We consider that on the present days there should be no more economic embargo against any country, this being a world consensus that this embargo against Cuba today makes no sense,” he stated.

According to him, the Angolan delegation will do its best to help Cuba attain its two goals.

The African meetings of solidarity with Cuba started in October 1995 in South Africa, with the presence of Nelson Mandela. It is held every two years, with the latest being that of 2010 in Angola.

The Angolan delegation to the fourth African meeting of solidarity with Cuba comprises people from various sectors of the society.

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