New Book: Sandra Ottey’s “Runaway Comeback”

Sandra Ottey has just published her second novel Runaway Comeback (2012), a sequel to Jamerican Connection.

Description: After years of physical and mental exploitation and voyaging over intercontinental waters way too many times, Rose Thorn finally flees her native Jamaica for good to hide out in Brooklyn with her daughter. Rose believes she was dealt an evil hand in marriage because she was a high school dropout, teenage bride and mother. In her quest to realize her dream of pursuing a college degree, she is reunited with her soul mate, Calvin Jones. Rose is ready to divorce her husband, Donovan, but is she really ready to marry Calvin?

Forced to return to Jamaica, Rose finds herself trapped in a devastating situation that could jeopardize a lifetime of happiness with Calvin. Rose quickly realizes that in order to make a comeback she must turn around and go back to the place where it all started, the place where she first believed, the place where trouble had come and uprooted her. Runaway Comeback sizzles with secrets, payback, and redemption. Set against a backdrop of rolling hills in Jamaica and the streets of Brooklyn, the storyline is thought-provoking and thoroughly enthralling with true-to-life characters and situations. In this quick-paced sequel of suspense and mistrust, Sandra Ottey paints a spellbinding story in her tell-it-like-it-is writing style.

Sandra A. Ottey is the author of Jamerican Connection, the prequel to Runaway Comeback. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York and a master’s degree from Polytechnic University. She is presently working on her third novel.

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