Martinique: Kalash’s “Karibbean World”

Martinique’s Kalash is a dance hall, reggae, rap, and R&B singer. Known for his husky voice, multiple tattoos, and social criticism, the singer has had many hits in his home island, including the very moving 2010 song “Mama.” His recent song “Karibbean World” has been received with much acclaim.

A former “fire-breathing” DJ in Martinique, Kalash is young, dynamic and does not hide what he thinks. He speaks about his past, the world of drugs, and writes songs about both the beauty and the social ills of Martinique and the Caribbean. His albums include Kalash and Pran Pié.

He has been likened to Jamaica’s Aidonia and Bounty Killer. Music blogger Achis, writes glowingly about his discovery of Kalash’s voice, in particular in the 2009 hit “Bost It Op,” featuring Kalash “alongside the angriest man in the world,” Crocadile, from St. Lucia.

To listen to Kalash’s latest single, “Karibbean World,” go to

To listen to “Bost It Op,” see

See an interview with the singer at

Read more about Kalash at

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