Colombian Caribbean Coast to Receive Funds for Development

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos announced an investment program of $360 million in the Caribbean coastal region. According to Colombia Reports, at the conclusion in Cartagena of Monday’s meeting with the OCAD, the president announced that the Caribbean region would get 54 projects for roads water, tourism, agriculture, health, housing and ICT among others. The areas to receive more aid are Magdalena, Sucre, and Atlántico.

[. . .] Santos considered that the participants of the OCAD in the Caribbean region had taken an historic decision that will have “a direct impact and very positive for the welfare of all the Caribbean cities in Colombia.” [. . .] Santos said that the resources were ready and in the next weeks each project will “see a very important flow of resources towards this region over the next 15 days which we hope will go to fund the start of these projects,” said the president.

The sectors benefitting from the meeting of the Caribbean Region OCAD are; transport with 23 projects at $180 million; water and sewage with 11 projects at $38 million; agriculture with 11 projects at $18 million; culture and tourism with four projects at $17 million; exhibition venues with two projects at $12 million; technology with two projects at $6 million; housing and social initiatives with one project at $6 million; women and infants with one project at $4.5 million; health with two projects at $1.6 million; risk management with one project at $780,000.

The departments receiving the most funding are; Magdalena for road improvements; Sucre which will have 28 projects, the majority of which are infrastructure; and Atlantico with projects in water and sewage, agriculture tourism and social inclusion.

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