Symposium: “Caribbean Connections— Relations between the Colombian and the Dutch Caribbean”

Caribbean Connections— Relations between the Colombian and Dutch Caribbean is a symposium that will take place tomorrow, September 7, 2012, at the library of the Banco de la República in Santa Marta, Colombia.

This one-day symposium will constitute a space to study the historical, commercial and familial ties between these Caribbean territories. The connections of the Colombian Caribbean with the Netherlands Antilles [some of which are now independent] began at the moment when the Dutch settled in Curaçao and other islands in the mid-seventeenth century.

The program includes a welcome by Joaquín Viloria, a round-table, and presentations by Harold Kelly, anthropologist from the National Archaeological Museum Aruba; José Polo, professor at the University of Cartagena; independent scholar Freddy González; Francisco Avella, profesor of the National University of Colombia in San Andrés; and Adelaida Sourdis, from the Colombian Academy of History. The talks will include themes such as anthropological and historical connections, pre-Colombian cultures, economic ties, trade, religious practices, and more.

[Many thanks to Humberto García Muñiz for bringing this item to our attention.]

Photo of Playa Cristal, Santa Marta, by Dairo Correa:

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