New Book: Italian Edition of Lourdes Vázquez’s Poetry

Lourdes Vázquez just published Appunti dalla Terra Frammentata, an anthology of her poems translated into Italian, which includes the books: Salmos del cuerpo ardiente, Park Slope, Gusto de las historias con perras como personajes, Cibeles que sueña, and Desnudo con huesos.

The anthology, translated by Manuela Derosas (part of the editorial staff of Rivista dell ‘Arte), includes a foreword (Presentazione) by Andrea Gallo and a “…una Lettera a Lourdes Vázquez” […a letter to Lourdes Vázquez] by Armando Gnisci. The cover photo of the book is from artist Josué Guarionex Colón-Rosado.

Appunti dalla Terra Frammentata is part of the series Collana Isla, edited by Andrea Gallo for EDIBOM publisher, which focuses on translating contemporary Puerto Rican authors into Italian.

For more information, see!/2012/08/appunti-dalla-terra-frammentata-lourdes.html

For more information on Rivista dell ‘Arte, see

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