Grenada’s Gardeners and their Award-Winning Flowers

BBC’s Fast Track features gardeners from Grenada who produce the island’s prize-winning flowers that have earned the island a gold medal for the 10th time. The rest of the Caribbean did well too: stands from Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago were also awarded a Silver-Gilt Medal, while Jamaica won a Gold Medal for the first time.

Fast Track describes: “The people of the eastern Caribbean island of Grenada have had good reason to celebrate this summer. The island won its first-ever gold medal at the London Olympics, and its horticulturists also struck gold for the 10th time at the UK’s prestigious Chelsea Flower show. Contributions to the winning garden came from growers all over the island and the event is an important tourism platform, showing that there’s a lot more than sun, sea and sand on offer.”

The Definitive Caribbean Guide writes: “This year’s theme was ‘Tropical Paradise’, with a profusion of island-grown heliconias, gingers, musas, anthuriums and orchids gathered around a rustic wooden gazebo raised up in the centre of the stand. “I was inspired by the pavilions and bandstands you still see around the island” [Suzanne] Gaywood told Definitive Caribbean, explaining that her intention has always been “to show visitors to Chelsea just how beautiful it is in Grenada”. The result is a sensational explosion of reds, pinks, yellows and oranges, rich with details and curiosities. Spices from the island always play an important part – in this case a winding path of nutmeg shells leads to the gazebo while elsewhere there are bountiful heaps of local cloves, cinnamon, tumeric and cocoa balls.

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