Call for Papers: College English Association-Caribbean Chapter Conference 2013

The 2013 College English Association-Caribbean Chapter Conference, focusing on “Technology and the Humanities,” takes place on March 15 and 16, 2013, at the University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo. The deadline for submissions is December 28, 2012.

Description: The College English Association—Caribbean Chapter (CEACC), a gathering of scholar-teachers in English, welcomes proposals for presentations (20-minute papers) that investigate the cultural, social and political interactions of the humanities (arts, language and literature) and technology.

Although modern technologies largely benefit the individual and have changed the nature of social and political interactions, they have also served to make for a more dangerous world inasmuch as our lives are revealed for public consumption, and privacy becomes a disputed right. Many writers and artists have exposed the benefits and perils of technology. The CEACC invites teachers and scholars to explore the role of technologies in any aspect of the humanities, and as depicted in art, literature, language, education, film and other media.

Suggested topics are: technology and the writer, technology and the reader, technology as perceived in literature, as depicted in films or other arts; technology and the individual, the community, the environment, food, politics, ethics, governance and equality; ways in which technology enables/advances/hinders gender equality; or improves or diminishes standards of living and economic well-being; the multiple interactions of art and technology; popular culture and the digital divide; intertech-tuality, Science fiction (in film and/or literature); the problems/advantages of technology and pedagogy; technology, education, and the classroom; technologies of the body, technologies and popular culture; technologies of the book, its creation, protection, archival conservation, et al; and the role of social networks/blogs/tweets.

Please submit an abstract (approximately 250 words) as part of an email message and not
as an attachment by December 28, 2012 to Dr. Elsa Luciano at

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