Reggae Singer Matthew McAnuff Killed in Jamaica

Matthew McAnuff, up-and-coming reggae artist and son of veteran singer Winston McAnuff, is dead. Police said late Thursday that McAnuff was attacked during a dispute with another man in Montego Bay.

The 25-year-old musician is the son of Winston McAnuff, a well-known reggae singer in Jamaica who later became popular in Europe, especially France. A police report said he and another man had a dispute. The dispute reportedly turned physical, and the man was injured. Residents then allegedly attacked McAnuff and chopped him several times. The police were summoned and both men were taken to hospital where McAnuff was pronounced dead and the other man admitted.

“From what I understand, it was about four or five of them who accused him of being a cop and started chopping him. He ran and collapsed near the house he rented,” said Kush. “By the time he was discovered, he had already bled to death.” [. . .]

Matthew McAnuff was on his way to making it in roots-reggae circles. His Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith-produced song, “Be Careful,” has been doing the rounds on the French charts. The singer was also enjoying popularity on the European circuit. He recently recorded another single “If You Want War.”

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