Derek Walcott will be guest of honor at Costa Rica’s Book Fair

The XIII International Book Fair of Costa Rica opened August 24 in an issue devoted to African-American culture and the Nobel Prize for Literature, Derek Walcott, as a special guest, EFE reports.

In total, 46 local and international exhibitors from countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Spain, Nicaragua and the Caribbean, will present their works in San Jose until 2 September.

Walcott, a native of St. Lucia, first visited Costa Rica and this week said he is excited for the opportunity to approach literature in Spanish, in your opinion, is the sister of the Caribbean to share historical roots as a European conquest , colonial and economic process based on agricultural plantations.

The President of the Costa Rican Chamber of Books, Luis Bernal Montes de Oca, told Efe that this year it was decided to honor a culture that has made a great contribution not only to Costa Rica but to all of Latin America.

He said the aim of the fair, and promotes reading and raises awareness of the regional literary work, is bringing people to the African-American culture, which is part of the common history of the region.

Although the official opening of the fair will be held in the evening, the gates were opened to allow the visit of hundreds of students, who also enjoyed a series of cultural activities related to black culture.

The Book Fair will not only be a place for bookstores and publishers to present their works, but will offer 175 activities such as lectures, workshops, storytelling sessions, and even Caribbean cuisine culinary competitions, as its celebration will join the Festival African Diaspora.

Organizers expect about 30,000 people to visit the event, to be held in the premises of the Old Customs House, in downtown San Jose.

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