Pirates of the Caribbean 5?

BBC World News says that rumor has it that Johnny Depp has been offered a reported £60million for reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the swashbuckling franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean 5?  Incroyable!

Depp is apparently set to earn the large sum when he signs on for the fifth film, putting him amongst some of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. The last time Depp sported the famous dreadlocks and eye-liner belonging to Jack Sparrow was in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which was out in 2011 and also starred Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane [and was filmed in part in Puerto Rico, Dominica, and the Bahamas]. If the Rum Diaries actor agrees to the deal, he will reportedly have his pick of films as he won’t have to worry about salary.

However, a movie insider told The Sun that Johnny is apprehensive about signing on as he fears the move would destroy his career. The source said: ‘Johnny is being very careful he does not sign on for too many films. He doesn’t want to ruin his career with overexposure like John Travlota or Nic Cage did. ‘This huge deal for Pirates means he will be able to pick his other roles very carefully on the strength of their script rather than their salary.’ Depp’s career has come under the spotlight since he parted ways with Vanessa Paradis this year, and rumours of a relationship between the actor and Drive Angry star Amber Heard began to surface.

For original post, see http://bbc-worldnews.net/2012/08/johnny-depp-to-earn-60-million-for-pirates-of-the-caribbean-5/

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