Notting Hill Carnival’s ‘Sunshine DJ’ Norman says: I’ve still got some credit with Him upstairs

RESPECTED DJ Norman Jay will make his debut appearance at the city’s Caribbean Carnival today and he’s looking forward to bringing some good times – and sunshine, This Is Nottingham reports.

“I’m really excited at the prospect of making my first appearance,” he told the Post.

“Nottingham Caribbean Carnival is quite unique in the scheme of things. In the last 15 or 20 years, when there’s been a policy by those in charge to scale down carnivals around the country, Nottingham is growing,” he says.

“I know I’ve got a lot of fans in the city because a lot people make the annual pilgrimage down to Notting Hill Carnival for good times every year.”

Norman Jay is well known for his energetic sets at the London event and he promises to bring a similar vibe to Forest Recreation Ground.

He’ll be on the Red Bull Academy stage playing a 90-minute set from 4.30pm until 6pm – a much shorter slot than he’s used to.

He says: “It will be a potted version of what would normally be eight hours at Notting Hill. There I normally do all day Sunday, all day Monday and probably an after-party in between! So Nottingham will be a great warm-up for that.”

He hasn’t got a setlist planned. Instead, he’s waiting to see how the crowd reacts on the day.

The DJ, awarded an MBE in 2002 for services to music, is also interested in the history of carnivals and hopes to find out more about Nottingham’s.

“In 1958, when the race riot took place in London, the Nottingham Carnival preceded it by two weeks. There’s a relationship between the social history of the two cities in the late 50s, around the time I was born – the symbolism in that isn’t lost on me. That’s why I’m really chuffed to be invited up to Nottingham the week before I play the Notting Hill Carnival.”

Although this will be his first time at the city’s carnival, it won’t be the first time he’s played here. He became a regular on the local club scene 20 years ago.

Norman says: “Nottingham was one of the hotbeds of the culture in the 90s. I used to do a lot of university gigs and I remember playing at a place with a revolving dance floor. I used to play for an well known promoter called James Bailey and he ran many successful clubs in the 90s and noughties.”

The one thing Norman can’t control is the weather but he says: “I do have the nickname ‘Sunshine DJ’ so I’ve still got some credit with Him upstairs and I’ll try and drag the sunshine with me.”

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