Homage in Cuba to Trinidadian Artist Patricia Bishop

As part of cultural activities in Cuba marking the 50th anniversary of Trinidad-Tobago’s independence, a gala will be held at Havana’s National Theater on August 30 to pay homage to outstanding Trinidadian artist Patricia Bishop, who passed away in 2011.

In a recent press conference, Trinidadian ambassador to Cuba Jennifer Jones invited the Cuban people to participate in the homage-paying gala for Bishop, who became an icon of her country’s cultural area, Pl news agency reported.

Patricia Bishop was granted numerous distinctions for her work as musical director, musicologist, fashion designer, historian and civil rights activists. She was the first musician to have achieved a combination of a steel band with a symphonic orchestra.

The gala will also pay tribute to the so-called “steelpan” or steel drum, a music instrument created in Trinidad-Tobago in the early 20th century.

3 thoughts on “Homage in Cuba to Trinidadian Artist Patricia Bishop

  1. A most wonderful gesture by our ambassador/poetess in an island blessed with an art and culture nourished in need.

  2. Not sure why the term ‘so-called’ is being used in this article to describe the steel pan…seems derogatory

  3. Congratulations to the Government and People of Trinidad and Tobago on their Independence Golden Jubilee. I am glad that Ambassador Jones will get this opportunity to share these elements of her native culture with the people of Cuba. It will prove to be a remarkable lesson; then, the unfortunate reference to the term ”so-called” will be erased.

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