New Film: Sylvie Collier’s “To Dance Like a Man”

Sylvie Collier’s new documentary film To Dance Like a Man: Triplets in Havana (2012) will be shown at the Chichester International Film Festival. The screening takes place on August 24, 2012 at 4:15pm at the Chichester Cinema on New Park Road, Chichester, West Sussex.

The festival will also be screening an earlier documentary by Collier, The Crab, the Crocodile and Love in Cuba (2009), based on the intriguing artwork of Cuban artist, José Rodríguez Fuster. Her new film, To Dance Like a Man: Triplets in Havana, also made in Cuba, features identical boy triplets who share a single passion: to dance, dance, dance. Collier (of Pond Pictures of Walberton in West Sussex) will be introducing both films in The Studio.

Description:  Angel, César and Marcos are three identical 11-year-old boy triplets who share the same single passion: to dance, dance, dance. Hardly anyone can tell them apart. They want more than anything to be professional ballet dancers. Teachers at Cuba’s world-renowned National School of Ballet comment that all three show the same emerging talent and potential.

No-one can remember a trio of identical boys making it to a professional ballet stage anywhere. Each triplet wants to be chosen for a role in a major production at Havana’s Grand Theatre. This is a human story about three identical small boys and an unusual take on dance from Cuba. It explores a child’s eye view on personal discipline, determination and hunger for professional success in the context of Cuba’s surprising international impact on the formation of male ballet dancers.

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